Leghilà was born in 2004 with the desire to spread our passion for ladies' accessories. The challenge was to create, not only, new and elegant handbags, but, functional ones too, for women who like to be elegant and trendy-chic. 

The best neoprene available on the market is our material, it's eco-friendly, cruelty-free and very performing. Our collection is made of 25 styles in 100 colour combinations and 3 manufacturing techniques. Every bag is washable and entirely Made in Italy.

After her education in the design field in London, and a working experience between Padova and the Brenta Riviera, an area rich in high fashion accessories laboratories and factories. Giovanna Dell’onte starts her path in 2004 with an idea, which immediately turns into a mini cult project: the open cube, a bag entirely made of neoprene and metal chains. It becomes a must-have and gets published in the best Italian magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue and Glamour. And that’s how Leghilà Washable Collection was born.

Eco & cruelty-free, Leghilà Spring/Summer 2015 Washable Collection is made using the best neoprene, the one that captures you with its softness, its strength and its multiple sides. We love this kind of neoprene, otherwise we wouldn’t talk about it.
It’s absolutely Cruelty Free and it’s so nice that we love it in the hundred colors we have chosen, some of them only for us. Do you think we are going too far? Purchase a Leghilà bag and we will talk about it! We only use bi-color sheets of neoprene because they impart bi-emotion. We choose each single color combination and they are produced exclusively for us. But this is not the only peculiarity of the Washable Collection. We make each single bag using the “raw-cut edge”, a technique that we applied to neoprene first and we patented it worldwide.