New Murr Bag

A big bang of color, style and energy! Here is the new "Murr Bag" which has already conquered the universe of fashion during its preview at Pitti W 2012. The exclusive "Murr Bag" comes from the meeting between Leghilà and the explosive Antonio and Roberta Murr: it was love at first sight and it became a project full of energy and creativity. The new "Murr Bag" is perfect for the weekend, joyful for a business trip and it will be available as preview in three exciting combinations of color (orangefluo-black, yellowfluo-blue, greenfluo-darkgreen). It combines the comfort of its maxi dimension with the unmistakable neoprene style of Leghilà. Not to be missed!

Photographer: Carlo Ramerino

leghila mastro murrbag2