General Conditions of Sale


The following general conditions of sale (the General Conditions of Sale) shall rule the sales of the products marketed on the website LEGHILA.COM (the Products) by Ghilà di Giovanna Dell’Onte (the Seller) towards the user of the website (the User). The Products purchased on LEGHILA.COM are sold directly by Ghilà di Giovanna Dell’Onte, Iscr. Reg. Imp. and Tax Code DLLGNN74D55G224Z e VAT n. 04404540280; with operative office in in Via Dante n. 45, 35139 Padova - Italia and registered office in Via Beato Pellegrino n. 76, 35137 Padova - Italia. The Users shall be entitle to ask for information to the Seller contacting the Customer Service This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and shall be enable to directly contact the Seller using this email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or calling this telephone number 0039-049-8364273, as better explained in the contacts area This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1. The commercial policy of LEGHILA.COM
1.1 The Seller offers for sale, on LEGHILA.COM, the Products and executes its e-commerce activity exclusively towards its Users which are “consumer”, i.e. to any physical person who acts on LEGHILA.COM for a purpose which can be regarded as being outside his trade or profession.
1.2 In consideration of its commercial policy the Seller reserves the right not to execute the orders coming from subjects different from the “consumer” or in any case the orders which do not comply to its commercial policy. In any case it is expressly forbidden to the User to purchase the Products offered for sale on LEGHILA.COM with the purpose of reselling them to third subjects or market them otherwise.
1.3 This General Conditions of Sale rule exclusively the offer, the forwarding and the acceptance of the purchase orders of the Products on LEGHILA.COM between the Users and the Seller.
1.4 This General Conditions of Sale do not rule the supply of services or the sale of products by subjects different from the Seller which are present on LEGHILA.COM through links, banners or other hyper textual links. The Seller therefore shall not be considered responsible for the supply of service by third parties or for the execution of electronic commercial operations between the User and a third subjects.

2. Methods of conclusion of the contract
2.1 To conclude a purchase contract on LEGHILA.COM for one or more Products, the User shall fill in an electronic order form (the Order Form) and send it to the Seller by Internet, following the relevant instructions.
2.2 The contract shall be deemed to be concluded upon reception by the Seller of the Order Form sent by the User, which shall contains a summary of the General Conditions of Sale, the information on the main characteristics of every purchased Product and on the relative price, on the possible methods of payments, as well as on the method and costs of Product shipping and delivery.
2.3 Upon reception of the Order Form, the Seller shall send to the User an order confirmation (the Order Confirmation), containing a summary of the information already contained in the Order Form (concerning the main characteristics the Product, the relative price, the possible methods of payments, and the method and costs of delivery).
2.4 Before proceeding with the Product purchase by transmitting the Order Form, the User shall be asked to read carefully the General Conditions of Sale, in order for him to print or store them for his personal use.
2.5 The Order Form will be filed in the Seller database for the period of time necessary to carry out the order and, anyway, in terms allowed by law. The User shall be entitled to access his Order Form by clicking on his account.
2.6 Before the Order Form is transmitted, the User shall be asked to check and correct any possible errors occurred while inserting his data.
2.7 To conclude a contract on LEGHILA.COM the languages at disposal of the User are Italian and English.
2.8 If the Products presented on LEGHILA.COM are no longer available or for sale at the moment of the last access of the User to the website, or at the time the User forwarded the Order Form, it will be the Seller’s task to inform the User, immediately and (in any case) within thirty (30) days from the reception of the Order Form, on the unavailability of the ordered Products. In case the Order Form has already been forwarded and the payment made, the Seller shall refund the User the sum he already paid.
2.9 It remains understood that, by transmitting the Order Form, the User affirms to know and to unconditionally accept the General Conditions of Sale and all the other relevant information presented on LEGHILA.COM, also by means of hyperlinks.

3. Guaranties and prices of the products
3.1 The Seller offers for sale on LEGHILA.COM only products manufactured by Ghilà di Giovanna dell’Onte.
3.2 The Seller shall not sell to the User Products which are used, irregular or of lower quality compared to the market standard.
3.3 Main Product characteristics are duly presented on LEGHILA.COM in every product description. The Seller shall not be deemed responsible for any difference between the real Products and the images and colours of the Products offered on the website, due to the effect of the Internet browser and of the monitor used by the User.
3.4 The incomplete and/or incorrect Order Forms as well as those forwarded from states which are not included between those indicated on LEGHILA.COM shall not be accepted by the Seller.
3.5 Product prices are liable to change. The User shall ascertain the final sale price before forwarding the Order Form.
3.6 The Seller shall have the right to confirm or change the Products prices indicated on its website, on brochures and/or on other marketing material, until reception of the Order Form sent by the User.
3.7 The Products prices published from time to time on LEGHILA.COM cancel and substitute the precedent prices and are subject to the availability of the Products.
3.8 Unless otherwise indicated, the prices are VAT included.
3.9 The Products are not supplied for a trial period. Notwithstanding the fact that Seller’s operators can provide the User with information on the Products characteristic, the User shall be the sole and only responsible for the choice of the ordered Products and for the correspondence and compliance of the indicated specifications to his needs.

4. Methods of payment
4.1 The Product price and shipping costs shall be paid by the User choosing one of the methods of payment indicated in the Order Form.
4.2 If the User pays with a credit card, the financial information (for example, the credit/debit card number or the date of its expiry) will be protected by encryption system and forwarded to the PayPal or other banks providing distant e-payment service, without any access of third parties. The bank information shall be used by the Seller solely in order to complete the procedures regarding your purchase and issue any possible refunds in case of item return, or police report when preventing fraud on the website LEGHILA.COM.

5. Property right and passing of risk
5.1 The right of property on the Products shall pass to the User upon delivery of the Product to the latter.
5.2 The Seller shall bear all the risks concerning the Products until the moment of delivery to the courier.

6. Shipping and product delivery
6.1 The Products shall be delivered according to the terms and condition specified in the Customer Service area.
6.2 The methods of shipping and the costs and terms of product delivery, specifically indicated in the Customer Service area, make substantial part of the purchase contract and are deemed to be wholly known and accepted by the User upon transmission of the Order Form.
6.3 Upon delivery, the User shall verify the state of the package and of the parcel. Should the package and/or the parcel be tampered, opened and/or bearing obvious signs of breakage, the User shall be entitled to refuse the delivery or to accept it with reserve.
6.4 The User, who accepted the delivery with reserve, shall promptly communicate (within the very same day of delivery) to the Seller Costumer Service [inserire link] the state of the Products and any tampering found on the packaging, attaching appropriate photographic evidence.
6.5 The User, who accepted the delivery with reserve and does not want to keep the tampered, damaged and/or altered Products, shall return them, within 10 days from the delivery, to the Seller which, once executed the due controls, shall provide, at its own care and expanse, for a new shipping.
6.6 In case of refusal of the delivery, the Seller shall substitute and ship, at its own care and expanse, the Products, once checked, along with the courier, the existence of the alleged tampering.

7. Returns policy
7.1 Pursuant to articles 64 and subsequent of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 206/2005 (the Consumer Code), the User, which for any reason should not be satisfied by his purchase, shall be entitled to withdraw from the sale contract, without any penalty or explanation, within ten (10) working days from the delivery of the Products.
7.2 The User shall return the Products in their original package to the Seller which shall have to receive them within 10 (ten) working days from the date of delivery of the Products to the User. The Products in particular shall be intact, not used and bear the identification tag, the safety device and all other original accessories constituting the Products packaging (for example the washing bag, etc).
7.3 The User shall bear the return shipping cost of the purchased Products.
7.4 The User shall withdraw from the contract sending to the Seller a written communication by means of registered letter with notice of return which declares the User’s will to withdraw from the executed contract, provided that, failing to do this within the abovementioned term, the User shall loose the right of withdrawal.
7.5 Such communication shall specify the relevant order, the declaration of withdrawal from the purchase and the Products for which the User intends to exercise his right of withdrawal and shall contain a copy of the documentation received with the Order Confirmation.
7.6 The User shall be entitled to send the communication, within the same term, also through telegram, telex and/or fax, provided that he shall further confirm it with registered letter with notice of receipt within the following 48 hours.
7.7 If the User exercises his withdrawal right according to the provisions of this article 7, the Seller shall refund the amount of money received for the Products purchase (except for the shipping cost of the purchased Products) within 30 (thirty) days.
7.8 The Seller will return the User back the amount of money received for the Products purchase, as well as the delivery costs, in case the item return is the result of a Seller’s error; that is, in case the delivered Products do not meet their main certified characteristics as indicated in the website, present production defects, or in case of possible delivery error. Anyway the Seller shall refund the shipping costs to the User, provided that the latter shall supply adequate photographic proofs of the alleged production defects and/or of the other differences attributed to the Seller.

8. Refund time and conditions
8.1 Once the Products have been returned, the Seller shall verify that the status of the items received is in compliance with the above indicated conditions and terms. Upon positive verification by the Seller, the latter will notify the User via e-mail about the acceptance of the returned Products.
8.2 Regardless of the method of payment used by the User, the Seller shall refund the latter as soon as possible and in any case within thirty (30) days from the day It has learned about the User’s wish to exercise his right of withdrawal, prior the verification whether the User’s item return case is in compliance with the above conditions and terms and prior the acceptance of your returned Products.
8.3 If the Product delivery addressee indicated in the order form does not correspond to the person who has carried out the payment for the items purchased, the refund of the purchase money, in case of item return, will be processed to the person who has executed the payment.
8.4 The value date of the newly credited sum is the same as that of the Product purchase debit so that the User will not undergo any loss in terms of banking interests.

9. Privacy
9.1 According to the article 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, the Seller informs the User that the personal data supplied shall be processed with the exclusive purpose of executing and finalize the Products purchase contract.
9.2 The supply of the personal data by the User is compulsory, since a refusal by the User to provide such personal data shall involve the impossibility of executing and finalize the Products purchase contract.
9.3 The personal data supplied by the User shall be processed through manual, information and data transmission instruments, and might be processed by subjects working inside or outside the Seller in their quality of people in charge and/or responsible of the processing.
9.4 The personal data, if that shall be functional to the purposes of the processing, might be communicated to third parties both within the European Union and in third states. The personal data shall not be disclosed in any way.
9.5 The User shall be entitled to exercise the rights provided by article 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, referring to Ghilà di Giovanna dell’Onte (responsible of the data processing).
9.6 With the acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale, the User gives his consent to his personal data processing according to article 23 of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003

10. Laws applied and controversy solutions
10.1 The General Conditions of Sale are ruled by the Italian law and, in particular, by the Italian Legislative Decree No. 206 of September 6th 2005, the Consumer Code, with specific reference to distance contracts and by the Italian Legislative Decree No. 70 of April 9th 2003 concerning certain aspects of electronic commerce. It is expressly excluded the application of the Vienna Convention of 1980, on contracts for the international sale of goods.
10.2 The Italian Judge, in the Court of Padua, shall be competent, on an exclusive basis, for any dispute between the Seller and a User, which is not resident or domiciled in the territory of an EU State, arising from the execution, interpretation and/or termination of the contracts ruled by these General Conditions of Sale.

11. Modification and update
11.1 The General Conditions of Sale are modified from time to time as a consequence of any possible changes in law. The new General Conditions of Sale shall come into effect upon their release on LEGHILA.COM


Should be present both "7 days" and "20 days" in the section MyShopping, Leghilà will make a single shipping "20 days". By doing so, you will spare additional costs, and you will receive all products in a row.


1) The neoprene that Leghilà uses to produce the whole Washable collection is washable at 30° in the washing machine using its wash-bag. The chromium-plated details of the Washable Collection are made of brass nickel plated.

2) Attention, the digital images could have small differences compared to the real product, because of the video settings on your monitor.